Restaurant Bar Löscher
Viktoriastrasse 70 – 3013 Bern

A great restaurant and bar that serves delicious meals, craft beers and nice wines. It is situated in the old fire station and you can sit inside or out. You don’t want to miss this!

Café Kairo
Dammweg 43 – 3013 Bern
Situated in our favorite neighbourhood. The hamburger there is a classic. All organic food and a nice crowd behind and in front of the bar. Lots of events, live music, quiz shows and readings. It is our home base.

Zum blauen Engel
Seidenweg 9b – 3012 Bern
The best place for a romantic dinner with your dearest. Great food, nice garden, charming interior.

Thunstrasse 104 – 3006 Bern
A good place to have a simple but delicious meal for lunch or for dinner. Very decent prices, especially at noon. We love the nice room but also the terrace in an urban surrounding. It’s also great to have a coffee in the morning or a beer in the late afternoon.

Sous le Pont / Reitschule
Neubrückstrasse 8 – 3012 Bern
Very close to the train station. It’s THE place in Bern for alternative culture (theater, cinema, club, concerts etc.). They also have a Restaurant. The crowd is very diverse. Sometimes it seems to be a little creepy. But never mind. You can handle that ;-)

Brasserie Lorraine
Quartiergasse 17 – 3013 Bern
It’s in the same neighbourhood as the Café Kairo. Very alternative, but really nice. Mostly good all organic food. Closed on Mondays.

Kung Fu Burger
Speichergasse 27 – 3011 Bern
They took over a Chinese restaurant and turned it into a slightly crazy burger joint. Really good food and nice beers. The burgers are almost as good as at Café Kairo ;-)

The above are our favorite restaurants, but we can also recommend a few more:

Bollwerk 35 – 3011 Bern
Close to the trainstation. They have good food and a really nice interior.

Restaurant Fischerstübli
Gerberngasse 41 – 3011 Bern
The food here is swiss and asian and very good. Beautiful place to sit outside close to the river.

Restaurant Dampfzentrale
Marzilistrasse 47 – 3005 Bern
We haven’t tested the new chef, but our friends say that the food is very good. Beautiful garden right next to the river. Just a few steps from the public bath «Marzili».

Lorrainestrasse 15 – 3013 Bern
Also in the same neighbourhood. Food is more than okay. Small place with books and free Wifi. Some live events.

Kramgasse 49 – 3011 Bern
On the way from our bed and breakfast to the train station, situated in the old town. It’s pretty new. I’ve never eaten there but some friends have told me that it is very good. In the building where Albert Einstein invented some of his theories.

Weincafé Klösterli
Klösterlistutz 16 – 3013 Bern
Very close to the Altes Tramdepot. We’ve been there twice since it opened in the fall 2012. Good food, nice old interior with modern elements. A little upscale.

Verdi Ristorante
Gerechtigkeitsgasse 7, 3011 Bern
One of the best italian restaurant in the city. It’s rather expensive but still okay for Switzerland…

Altes Tramdepot
Grosser Muristalden 6 – 3006 Bern
It’s pretty close to the bed and breakfast. Sometimes it has a lot of tourists there. They brew their own beer, the view from the terrace is beautiful and the food is usually excellent.

Brasserie Obstberg
Bantigerstrasse 18 – 3006 Bern
A good restaurant and the closest one to our bed and breakfast. You can also just go and have a beer there. Not cheap but still okay.